5 Unique Kids Party Themes Parents Can Choose From

kids party themes

Kids party themes? It can surely cause a headache to parents. Parties for kids should be an enjoyable experience for you, too. We made a list of five unique kids party themes parents can choose from. One of these could match the personalities of the young ones.


Mad Scientist Theme

If your kids love Science, this could be one of the perfect kids party themes for them. Imagine a party filled with curiosity and discoveries! Starting with the food, you can prepare monstrous burgers and fruity molecules. Pair it with dessert and drinks that resemble chemical experiments from the lab. For fun activities? Create a color swirl experiment using a simple tie-dye effect with a little milk and different food colorings. As for the party favors, give your little guests some lab access badges and candies in mini test tubes.


Backyard Camp Theme

To the little ones who enjoy the outdoors, the backyard camp theme would be a great choice. To pull off one of these kids party themes, just focus on is its look and overall experience. Starting from the entry point of the venue, put up hand painted signs just like in camps. You can throw some patchwork decor and camping gears like kiddie binoculars, flashlights, and bucket hats. For fun and games, you can organize a chalkboard drawing activity on the outdoor table or campfires while making smores!


Hawaiian Theme

If your child is a super fan of Disney animated film “Moana,” a Hawaiian kids party theme could be a perfect fit! A Hawaiian theme is all about colors and florals. It’s a dress up party! Make sure your guests are ready with their floral outfits. When it comes to decorations, you can play with a lot of elements like flowers or petals, tiki masks, tiki torches, straw table and more. The food and drinks are also a great addition to the color decorations with tropical fruits like pineapple, bananas, and papaya. Fun activities you can include are hula hoop games, tiki torch ring toss, and hula dancing.


Nautical Theme

An ocean lover who loves boats and sailing would really enjoy a nautical themed party. To achieve the look, always incorporate the decor with some rusty, clean white and navy blue colors with a little touches of red, plus add little elements like flags, waves, anchors, and captain’s wheel. For the food, you could create imagery of the boat or crabs or other ocean with your fruits and other treats.Fun and games can include treasure hunting, message in the bottle and tug of war.

Disco Theme

Last but not the least, one of the kids party themes that is perfect for those who love music and dancing–the disco theme! Surprisingly the great thing about this theme is not so much about how it looks but more on the vibe and mood. Plus, this is the best party theme that not only kids can enjoy but the parents as well. Kids enjoy and love to move with pumping music that are age appropriate. Just bring in the disco lights and let the music take everyone into a fun disco experience.


Inspired by our list of kids party themes? Let us know what you like!

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