Five Face Painting Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party!

Is your child’s birthday party coming up? Are you running out of ideas for the big day’s fun activities? You might want to organize a face painting session in the party. This way, kids get to use their imaginations and put them in color!

Hart Entertainment UK offers face painting services in any types of parties–be it your kid’s birthday party, a school party for the kids and teenagers, and even parties for the ladies and gents. Because we have been doing face painting for years now, here are our 5 FACE PAINTING IDEAS you could try at your child’s birthday party.

1.Favorite Animal
If your kid is an animal lover and would love to be in the character of their favorite pet or animal, then this is the perfect choice for you. They can transform into an adorable roaring tiger, a cute little puppy, a tiny giraffe, and many more! The sky’s the limit!

2. Cartoon Character
Kids love to play prince or princess or other cartoon characters they love watching on television and movies. At their special day, they can become one! Try face painting them into their fave cartoon character so they could experience, even just for a day with a face paint on, what it feels like to be one. They could be Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, or Pikachu from Pokemon!

3. Fairy
Birthdays can be magical and it would look extra special if the kids have fairy-like face paintings on. Especially if you are throwing a fairy themed dress-up party, wearing beautiful, sparkly, and magical face painting would complete the overall look. They get to be more creative with how the strokes and colors would mesh together.

4. Edgy
Yes, edgy. More bold colors, more blacks, more forward looking. This could be a good choice to spice up the party and break away from all the bright and sparkly. Still beautiful but badass.

5. Unicorns
Unicorns because why not? Unicorns are mysterious yet magical creatures which is a great choice for face painting! Lots of blues, purple, silver and pink with the horn. Kids will definitely love it!

At Hart Entertainment, whatever party you have in mind, be it a face painter, karaoke, balloon modeller, a princess, a superhero, magic, or disco! We can bring it to life for you. Wherever your imagination takes you let us help make it a reality.

But what we are expert the most? Disco parties for different ages and places.

Do you want something fun, interactive and suitable for your child? Perhaps you want your child to be involved in creating their own party, without it becoming a drama or another thing for you to do.
Does your child want to DJ, sing, create dance moves, lead games, choose their own music?
Perhaps you are unsure how to facilitate this and have concerns about the outcome and whether the other guests will enjoy themselves.
A free consultation service is provided so you and your child can choose your entertainment, music, games and extras. This can be via zoom, skype, telephone or in person if local or willing to travel to the Brighton area.

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