Why Music is Important at Kids’ Parties

Music is something magical. Whether you’re singing a lullaby to your child or they are trying to make music of their own by using their toys, kids and music go hand in hand.

Kids able to enjoy the benefits of music from the moment they’re born but playing music at their parties isn’t just to ‘help with the games’ or ‘keep them occupied’. Research shows there are clear physical and mental benefits to playing music at parties with children:

It helps to build their social skills

Getting your children involved musical games and activities in a group helps teaches them how to work as a team, to share and to be creative in a group environment. They develop and refine their social skills such as knowing the group members, collective work, waiting for the other’s turn and self-confidence.

It helps develop their motor skills

Whether it’s playing a musical instrument or listening to a song, music can help your child hone their fine motor skills. Without going into the technical details, music helps the body and the mind work together. Dancing, in particular, helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression.

It improves their balance and coordination

Playing music at kid’s parties can also help your children develop better balance and coordination. When children hear the beat of a lively song, they have a natural tendency to want to dance which is a great way to help with their balance and coordination.

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