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Are you looking for a kids disco? Perhaps you want a Frozen theme party or a Hoedown barndance? Check out all our services below.

Rebel Girls Party Package

Rebel Girls

Think Wonder Woman, Hermaini Granger, Harley Quinn, Xena Warrior Princess, Merider (Brave), Matilda, Moana and even Frozen's own Anna. 

The girls are in charge! They know who they are and what they want. So let Hart Entertainment give it to them. 

Musical playlist of inspirational and empowering female artists that are sure to get any girl to ROAR. 

Games that encourage interaction in a positive, 'lets build each other up' kind of way or Face painting to complement the theme, 

This option is very popular with our pre teens and under 18 year olds.

2hr event, break if necessary. 

Suggested ages 10 - 15
Package - 2hrs+

PTA Disco

PTA Disco

2 discos' divided between the younger children and the older children.
Includes lights, games, age appropriate action songs, confetti cannons
Keystage 1 - 3.15-4.30pm
Keystage 2 - 5pm - 6.30pm

These events are usually ticketed out by the school / PTA at between £3 and £5 per ticket, as long as your hall caters for it, each disco can have upto 150 guests which means that even after you've paid for a drink and a snack each plus my fee. You can still raise over £1000 for the school! 


Prior to the party date I can come to school and give an introduction as to who I am (female DJ, event organiser, singer, music producer, sound engineer, music & performance coach) with over 20 years experience DJing at some of the biggest clubs around the world) and leave song request sheets for the keystage 2 disco. I then come back and collect the sheets and put together a selection of age appropriate music based on their choices as no requests are taken at the event.

Suggested ages 4-11
Package - 3hrs+


Face Painting Disco Party

Leaders Party

Sound system, lights, and music are all provided.

Instead of games, choose this option to let the music run itself (age appropriate playlist chosen in advance, either by me or you), the kids can dance and have face painting as the entertainment on the side.

This is a great way to get them to come up with their own dances and games, or just giving them time to spend together.

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Suggested ages 8-17
Package - 2hrs+

Mini Young Kids Disco Dressup Party

Mini Kids Disco Party

Held at your home or venue of your choice. Little flashing lights, bubbles, low volume nursery rhymes and other age appropriate music, sing alongs, dancing, non competitive games, face or arm painting & story time.

1hr event, break if necessary. View Gallery

Suggested ages 3 - 5
Package - 1.5hrs

Kids Disco Party

Kids Disco Party

Held at a venue of your choice with  sound, lights & games. Suitable for any number of children & adults.

2 hr event with 20 min break for refreshments. View Gallery

Suggested ages 6-8
Package - 2hrs+


Leaders Disco Party

Leaders Party

We let your child take the lead. After choosing their games and music selection (with your approval of course) they can then lead as many games as they wish, sing to their hearts content with our karaoke service and DJ too!
2 hrs or more event, breaks as neccessary. View Gallery

Suggested ages 9-17
Package - 2hrs+

18+ Party

18+ Disco Party

Age is irrelevant when it comes to having fun.
We have all the dance songs, adult themed party games and the very popular dressing up box with wigs, hats & glasses. 
We cater for teacher events in schools as well as home christmas parties. No venue is too small.
Get in contact today and lets see how we can bring your lounge to life! 

Neon facepainting service available too.  

Package - 3hrs+