Percussion and DJ Workshop

Hart Entertainment – Percussion Workshop

Percussion and DJ Workshops provided by Gareth Wax and Zoe Hart

Percussion instruments from drums and shakers to tamborines and glocs are provided by us, enough for upto 30 or 40 people.

Digital DJing consoles are provided for demonstration purposes which the attendies can plug their phones or ipads into.

An introduction to all the tech and instruments is provided and games are played to increase peoples knowledge of these two areas.

Percussion Worshop 2

Gareth and Zoe can also provide a DJ set with live percussion in a variety of styles as a part of the package.

This package has been at Chilled in a field for the last two years and this year at Magical.

Suggested ages 3 + for percussion and 7 + for DJing
Package - 45 mins per session - total of 4 sessions per event
Price - £195 festival event