40th birthday surprise!

A brilliant party that the birthday girl knew nothing about! A one hour set up of Chauvet Radius 2.0 lights, 1 x Chauvet colour rail, 2 x 6 bar old school traffic lights (still going strong from the 70’s! Nice one Dad) A high powered green laser and smoke machine to boot. The crystal clear sounds pumped out by the 15″ EV sub bass unit and two 8″ tops.

I enjoyed keeping Vanessa’s three beautiful children busy with the dressing up box and rounds of duck duck goose (their choice, bless them they were 5 and a set of twins aged 3) After an hour the birthday girl arrived to ‘Isn’t she Lovely’ which was played the year she was born as requested by her mum.

It became quite difficult to DJ after a while as the kids had formed quite a bond with me, but thankfully Granny took them home just as I had to properly step up into the mix and get all the dancers on the floor. With tracks from Frank Sinatra, Faith Hill, Tina Turner to current classics and the Copa Cobana it was a really interesting evening musically as well as visually once the dressing up box got passed around!

The Richings Park Golf Club is a great location for your event. Check out their website here: http://www.richingspark.co.uk/ and speak to Sabrina or David who will more than happy to assist you with your party venue requirements.