5th birthday fun in Portslade

Once there was a unique and special little girl called Maya.

She was turning 5 and her parents wanted something different for her party. Knowing that she was wilful, imaginative and a leader they asked hart entertainment to help facilitate her amazing day.

Maya led the way, deciding to start the party off with pin the nose on the Olaf. We then moved into dress up limbo where the parents and friends all got involved.

After some dancing and bubbles it was time to take a break for some food. Maya wasn’t shy about introducing the cutting of the cake on the microphone and after this every child decided they too would have a turn at DJing and leading the game on the microphone.

Musical bumps, chair and statues was played and everyone had a brilliant time.

Several children and parents left saying “Thanks, this is the best party i’ve ever been too” and Zoe got the best rewards of all, hugs a plenty from the children.

Thanks for choosing us. Big loves to you all. ❤️❤️❤️❤️