What music are you listening to and exposing your children to?

IMG_3320What do you want your children to be raised on? It really is YOUR choice.

By the middle of last year my children and I had been to mulitple discos and other musical parties and I too had started to play my children commercial music as I wrongfully thought that’s what they wanted to hear. It was only after attending a Pyjama barndance birthday party where the little girl who was turning 7 had requested Dusty Springfield that I realised children will like what they are exposed to.
Since then I have deleted EVERYTHING out of my itunes folder and bit by bit I am relistening to all my old collection and also sourcing new material which fits in with my beliefs on what music does for me and should be doing for my children. When running a party the music is there to inspire us, to make us dance, to uplift us and make us feel good. With so much music out there, why settle for what commercial radio, TV and pop culture is trying to stuff into our earholes.